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7月, 2022


Biomorphic, the first issue dedicated to De Castelli experimentation, is now online.

It all starts with the material, and it all must always come full circle after a path marked by enrichment, skill and continuous dialogue. Creating different trajectories that aren’t always completely presided over, heading down previously-unexplored roads, remaining open minded and absorbing outside influences and collaborations from different worlds, while always keeping the essence, identity and unique character of the brand, which arose from people, their skills, knowledge and savoir-faire, in sight. 2022 is a fundamental milestone for De Castelli. It’s a new starting point, one that will determine the guidelines of its activities in the years to come, in continuity and consistency with the path taken up to the present day, which has helped the company become a preferred partner in the design world, no matter how large or small the project, in terms of the use of metal.

As evidence of this path, the book series METALLŬM, METALLĪ of which Biomorphic is the first issue is born.
Biomorphic is the outcome of the interpretation of the unexpressed potential of long-forgotten techniques from the late 19th century. Hammering and rolling are used once again thanks to the help of rare machinery, giving life to complex and organic objects, proportions and forms.


What is Metallŭm, Metallī
Metallŭm, metallī is a collection of publications that become a manifesto of the experimental vocation of De Castelli.
Starting from its primigenial roots and origins, the brand reinterprets metal, bringing it into the contemporary
era while declaring its unexpressed potential and proposing cutting-edge trends. Continuous research and
experimentation, ironic yet prominent influences, and the joining of technology and craftsmanship are the weave
and weft of fabric woven on a loom of ideas and savoir-faire that, each time, from one issue to the next, lead to an
entirely new interpretation of metal.