The original know-how, the sophisticated craftsmanship and the propensity for experimentation have allowed De Castelli to forge consolidated synergies over the years. Partnerships with brands, unique by product category and similar in terms of values, positioning and vision, aim to offer the market completely new solutions born from the sharing of research paths.

Boffi / De Padova

Technology, craftsmanship and design experimentation combine to express oxidation after oxidation the potential of metal and its many variations. Thanks to a common innovative matrix, Boffi | DePadova chooses De Castelli as a partner for the creation of new decorative solutions, bringing steel, brass and copper back to the center of a completely renewed scene, giving shape to new lines and shades.


Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti and Albino Celato have built through the years a strong relationship. Two creative personalities that dedicate themselves not only to a product-project, but most of all to a company-project. A positive partnership but also similar backgrounds and visions that have led to a strong relation, mixing skills and creating opportunities for new design solutions.



The Korean giant, Samsung, has chosen De Castelli for its line of luxury home appliances Chef Collection. Continuous research and experimentation on metals, craftsmanship together with technology, high quality standards. These are the values that Samsung has recognised in De Castelli selected as a partner. The partnership led to a new reinterpretation of the Chef Collection refrigerator exclusive for the South Korean market. The appliance doors are entirely covered in De Castelli’s DeMarea finishing which Samsung included among the high ended available choices calling it MARE BLUE. The name sounds deliberately Italian to underline the importance of collaborating with a brand that represents “Made In Italy” quality.