De Castelli x Samsung

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6月, 2021

De Castelli x Samsung

The Korean giant, Samsung, has chosen De Castelli for its line of luxury home appliances Chef Collection.

Continuous research and experimentation on metals, craftsmanship together with technology, high quality standards.

These are the values that Samsung has recognised in De Castelli selecting the Italian company as a partner to add even more value and artistry to one of the home appliances in its exclusive high-end collection.

The partnership led to a new reinterpretation of the Chef Collection refrigerator exclusive for the South Korean market. The appliance doors are entirely covered in De Castelli’s DeMarea finishing which Samsung included among the high ended available choices calling it MARE BLUE.

The name sounds deliberately Italian to underline the importance of collaborating with a brand that represents “Made In Italy” quality. In fact, Samsung wanted to strongly communicate the project – so much so that the De Castelli logo is engraved on the front door – considering Italian character and craftsmanship as essential assets for the positioning of its image in the Northeast Asia.


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