We are thrilled to announce that De Castelli has won with Folio the 2023 Archiproducts Design Awards! The Folio table, a rational sculpture crafted from brass slabs, officially represents excellence in innovation and creativity in the world of design. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence and the ongoing pursuit of extraordinary solutions. A big thanks to the Jury, the Archiproducts Team and of course to DRAW Studio.
For the fifth year in a row, De Castelli captivates with a redesigned version of the iconic ADA trophy for the winning brands, created by MUT Design and inspired by the "Möbius strip". The sculptural object, bathed in a chiaroscuro finishing created exclusively for the 2023 award, continues to explore the expressive potential of metal. The DeDarié finishing challenges the perceived coldness of stainless steel, presenting a fresh facet of this renowned alloy. The distinctive DeDarié finishing, meticulously applied by De Castelli, introduces a soft bronze hue that softens and warms the traditional silver and icy tones of stainless steel, defying the typical cold and sterile perception of the eternal material and enriching its aesthetics.